Mitochondrial Rescue

So, you are finally tired of being tired. AND you think you have tried everything …

As a healer, people don't expect me to work alongside doctors and scientists, or to give them much credit for their expertise. But I do, regularly.

Scientists in Russia had to find the solution to help prevent the astronauts from aging internally 8 times faster whilst they travelled in space. Finally after more than 15 years research they came up with a solution, which is very exciting as it is fundamental to our health and I can offer this to you today.  
When your mitochondria are kept at their optimum it gives you the potential to regenerate at a level that your year’s of age would not normally allow. My aim in life is to give people the opportunity to grow old disgracefully, to live life to the full and take back their power.
I have worked with many clients since first discovering this treatment and the results speak for themselves...

2019 was not kind to me and I started 2020 feeling very low, tired and generally fed up. There was no way I wanted another year like that and a friend had recommended that I book in to see Lilias and I am so pleased I did! Lilias is very professional and understanding and I felt very comfortable speaking to her. She recommended that I try Mitochondrial rescue supplements and after around 6 weeks I had so much more energy and felt very happy with my new life. It is hard to explain how it has helped me in this review but if you are feeling like you are stuck in a bit of a rut then I would highly recommend a visit to see Lilias.

Pete Parsons, 2020

Your desire for better health & an improved life balance starts here...

Mitochondrial Rescue

What is it and how can it help?

When you are stuck in a stressful life, you are permanently in fight or flight and this is a place that it is very difficult to heal from. The body is too tense from stress and gradually breaks down, in turn you experience the symptoms of “dis-ease” in the body.

The Science

Using the very sophisticated Vericard Heart Rate Variability device, the stress levels on your body can be calculated to determine the state of your health, seen through the eyes of your Autonomic Nervous System. (ANS). 
From the signals received from you to the device we can determine the risk of an imminent heart attack. How the heart, brain and organs are communicating with each other. How balanced the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are and how that relates to your hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

The Magic

When the body is totally exhausted and the mitochondria, has nothing left to offer, it cannot respond to normal pills and supplements or assimilate them. It simply does not have the “power” to process them. After many years of research scientists were able to formulate specific potentised nutrient complexes to address this inability for the body to respond due to a lack of power. The client is given these very special protocols based upon a person’s Vericard Heart Rate Variability test results. These supplements, uniquely access the mitochondria leading to genuine intracellular support and repair.

Ready to work with me?

If you would like an informal discussion, please feel free to book a 15 minute consultation. This is NOT a sales call, I will not try and convince you; I also have to feel that you are ready to accept healing, so this call is valuable to both of us.