Light Kinesiology Mirror shower

Mirror Shower

Light Kinesiology

This is a very special therapy which uses the body’s own light to heal itself.
In life we often create our own barriers, preventing ourselves from flourishing. We create blockages, develop mental and physical stress and invite sabotage programs into our lives that deliver self-defeating failure. This in turn manifests itself in many ways, both physically and mentally.

Once upon a time, delivering healing such as this would have found me tied to a stake, thankfully those days are gone and people wishing to move their lives forward are free to seek a healer to help them. For the last 25 years it is my pleasure to do so.

Over the years I have seen many health care practitioners and I can wholeheartedly say that Lilias is at the top of her game. I’m only on our third meeting and I’m already feeling the benefits of her advice and supplementation. I’ve suffered with some chronic health conditions from the over prescribed use of antibiotics, leaving my immune system in ruins and unable to take any form of conventional medicine. I’m extremely thankful for her hard work and expertise in the science of nature, giving me my life back and leaving me feeling inspired!

Emmy Osman, 2020

What is Light Kinesiology?

Mirror Therapy

There are many websites that will explain the science behind light but, for me and my clients, the outcomes are the most important thing to share.

We are all made up of light and as we progress through our lives, the light that shines from every cell of your body, can become incoherent and distorted. It is that distortion that creates problems.
During Light Kinesiology we use special mirrors in the process of healing: a therapeutic tool which reflects back to the body’s own light - making it coherent once again. This effectively 'reboots' your light emissions, strengthening your vitality. Things that restrict the flow of light are blockages, mental and physical stress, toxins, chemicals and sabotage and esoteric programs creating self-defeating failure.
Working directly with the energy field created by the body, we positively infect the cells and reinvigorate the body, sending coherent light back to it through the selection of special mirrors with a polarising filter. This increases the communication between the cells via a language the body understands coherent light.
We like to call this treatment a Mirror Shower.
For many it is a profound experience, a spiritual awakening and a very deep healing.

What does this really mean for you?

Here is the thing - your body innately knows how to heal itself, it does it everyday in a million ways. Just occasionally, it needs a bit of help in resetting itself ... and that is when I come in.

    This therapy stimulates the body's own healing. It can do this because your body recognises the light information that is being sent back to it because it is a true reflection of itself. The body welcomes it back in its purest form.
    Mirroring these optimum light frequencies back to your own being can be very, sometimes a small correction can be very significant, sending a divine boost in your healing process and self-regulatory systems.

What happens during a therapy session?

During an appointment you will remain fully clothed. I find out which parts of the body needs attention and which of the different filters is most suitable. Then the mirror, which is individually tested for you, will be brought into your field, sometimes centimetres away or maybe up to several metres away from your body. When this is done and the light resonance spot has been found, both you and I will feel a kind of electric flow, a subtle pressure or temperature change. When this happens we know we are making progress.
After an appointment, and obviously it can't be promised, many clients remark on how clear and at peace they feel. Some actually remark on looking younger!

Ready to work with me?

If you would like an informal discussion, please feel free to book a 15 minute consultation. This is NOT a sales call, I will not try and convince you; I also have to feel that you are ready to accept healing, so this call is valuable to both of us.

As Light Kinesiology is still scientifically controversial and conventional medicine has not yet recognised it, I am unable to tell you what this therapy can effectively heal, but please read some of my many testimonials on Google and it will become clear.