Bio Resonance

Genius Bio Resonance

Embracing traditional ancient modalities and spiritual principles, thousands of years old from all over the world, with Quantum science and the technology of today! 

Scientists can no longer ignore the intangible spiritual energy from other forms of ‘accepted’ energy: this treatment and the science behind it blows that possibility away.

At the end of the day, we are all energy.

We all exhibit individual frequencies which can be measured by mathematical equations, and can be compared to specific algorithms. This information can indicate our current state of health, well being and emotion in real time and Lilias uses it as a diagnostic tool to help determine the right treatment for you.

Bio Resonance as a Diagnostic Tool

In a normal hour, to an hour and a half appointment, Lilias will do a great deal of bio resonance testing, looking for the bigger picture of what is going on and ascertaining the priorities. 

Below is a list of the usual things we can test for in that time, but there are around 500 different panels of information that Lilias has personally put together over many years.
If you take digestion for example, we have a digestion assessment panel which is looking for all the possible things that could be going wrong. Then we have a solution panel with all the various herbs, nutraceuticals and other remedies which are best suited to that person's specific energy frequency signature to put these things right.
We also have a lot of food panels; if people are constantly eating the wrong foods then they are constantly creating inflammation in the body and it is a vicious circle. There is an old saying, “The solution to pollution is dilution”. If you keep eating the wrong foods, the body says quick make her drink more she has just eaten gluten, stop her wee-ing as we have to dilute this toxin. When this happens over and over again you end up being very inflamed and retaining a great deal of fluid.

Some of the typical panels used in the average session:

    Standard Food Panel
    Lectin Food Panel
    Nightshade Food Panel
    Liver Assessment
    Liver Solutions
    Blood Sugars Assessment/Solutions
    Cardiovascular Assessment/Solutions
    Digestion Assessment
    Digestion Solutions
    Parasites Assessment/Solutions
    Bacteria Assessment/Solutions
    Viruses Assessment/Solutions
    Fungi Assessment/Solutions
    Mold Assessment/Solutions
    Lyme Assessment/Solutions
    SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) Assessment
    SIBO Solutions
    Heavy Metal Toxicity Assessment/Solutions
    Environmental Toxin Assessment/Solutions
    Infection Assessment/Solutions
    Kidneys Assessment/Solutions

AND there are so many more...

Did you know...?

If left alone, stress can manifest in the body and cause a whole myriad of problems ranging from severe diseases like Cancer to the more subtle imbalance like headaches, weight gain and digestive disturbances. It is said that at the root of all diseases and there is one common underlying factor ~ ‘STRESS’. And, we should not be surprised by this, stress creates destructive energies, and the body absorbs them in an effort to deal with it. This has now been well documented and recognised in conventional medicine.

What is BioFeedback?

Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to reduce your stress and help improve the quality of your life. Biofeedback is relaxing, can help you manage your pain, and with the assistance of a biofeedback professional, is highly effective. In the hands of a skilled practitioner.
 The Quantum iLife offers insights into the body electric to help the individual understand the underlying causes of stress. The Quantum iLife consists of powerful balancing modalities that can’t only analyze the stress indicators in the body, but can also help to get the body back into balance by energetic stimulation to promote balance and harmony within the body.

Images of the app we use ...

Where science meets the spritual

Quantum Life App
Quantum Life Bio Resonance App
Quantum Life Bio Resonance App

What does BioFeedback feel like?

Most people feel nothing at all during a session, while others have spoken of feeling deeply relaxed and even revitalized afterwards.
The deeper results of a life without stress can be much more profound.

How long does it take?

Sessions can vary from 60 minutes to two hours depending on the depth of the consultation. This can offer you a simple, short, well deserved break during a hectic week, or a eureka moment that brings understanding to why your life has been so. Lilias will offer suggestions on how you can make changes in your life to bring you back to abundant health. Some clients schedule a session every week while others visit more or less frequently. Lilias can help you design a program that best supports your wellness goals.

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