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If you want to banish the brain fog, wake up before your alarm, power through your day without fatigue and have the energy to enjoy an evening soiree, you have come to the right place.

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Together we can make changes that will surprise and delight you. If you have been struggling, let me help. The therapies I use work naturally with your body. 
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About me ...

In twenty years of practice I have seen and heard most things, some tragic and desperately sad, others heart warming, illuminating and hilarious.
Whatever you have to share you will have my utmost attention and a sincere desire to help you find the best outcome...


How to make your dreams a reality

You may have never heard of some of the therapies offered below - some may be familiar, but each one has a very specific healing properties and I will pick the best for you. The therapies are sophisticated and utilise your body's own energies to start the healing process.  

Mitochondrial Rescue

Through Heart Rate Variability we can measure your mitochondrial function, ie how much power do you have, where is it going, and what is it doing? In other words how is your body adapting to the stress it is under.

Light Kinesiology - (Mirror Shower)

This is a very special therapy which uses the body’s own light to heal itself

Genius Bioresonance

Embracing traditional ancient modalities in a form of diagnostic testing that gets to the nub of the problem. Understand the causes that ceate the symptoms - giving you the answers you are seeking.

How do these treatments help?

Don't take my word for it - read what others are saying after their experiences...