Why did I get ill?

Why did I get ill?

The answer to the question goes back much further than when you first noticed the symptoms...

There are really eight common triggers to illness and the eighth one, is probably the most important, which I will come to that, at the end.  So here is a little over view of what causes dis-ease in the body.


This can come from a huge variety of places.  We live in the most industrial age ever.  There are pesticides everywhere – particularly in our food.  Pollutants are being belched out of industrial chimneys, which have never been tested against the human body for its reactions.  (Although the fall out appears to be telling a tale in the marked increase in Auto-immune disorders).   There are the environmental chemical toxins like glyphosate (a registered antibiotic) that we throw on the land and chemical fertilizers that leach into our water; the plastic take away containers we eat or drink out of that off gas endocrine disrupters, your non stick frying pan for example.  There is huge amount of toxicity in our food called preservatives, and E numbers.  There are the biological toxins in our body from our waste products and the by products from our less than friendly microbes/parasites that we do not want in our bodies.  Then lets not forget our dentistry, the metals and plastics placed in our mouths, from fillings, implants, plates and toothpaste.  All of which can have an impact on the body.  Some metals are cytotoxic which means they kill cells wherever they go, which can create huge inflammatory responses and exacerbate weakened areas of the body.


These can be from items “described” as food - but have little in them to sustain the body (junk food).  Or the sensitivities or allergic response triggers to certain food sources, which can range from mild responses to very serious responses in the body where Epi pens are required.

Imbalanced gut flora

This can lead to all sorts of digestion issues and misery for many.  For example, a yeast over growth exacerbated by eating too much sugar and flour products.  A poor microbiome can allow parasites to proliferate and alter the biological terrain of the gut, which in turn creates inflammation and disease.


This can be caused by so many factors, for example in your job you may have too many demands placed upon you, or there is a certain person who just loves to make your life miserable.  There are physical stresses, having to stand all day, to doing manual labour or the psychological stresses of a divorce, a death, moving house or being in a war zone.  All of these can be the catalyst to trigger illness in the body.


Your source of nourishment is something that many of you can have control over.  Food is information for your body.  Eating a diet derived from packets and highly processed foods does not support your body.  These foods are usually very low in nutrients and have little or no fibre content.   These foods in my opinion should be described as dead foods as they provide little or no life force for the body.  Such a diet is likely to be very pro inflammatory and detrimental to the body. 

Poor sleep hygiene

If you do not get 7 – 8 hours good sleep a night it can seriously impact your health and wellbeing.  It is important to ensure you sleep in total darkness, to have had your last cup of coffee by midday, to have stopped drinking alcohol at least three hours before you go to bed.  To make sure your mobile phone is NOT in the bedroom and to use a battery alarm clock.  

Sleeping blankets and water beds are in the same category as microwaves should never be allowed over your front door as they are so detrimental to your health because of the EMF’s they carry. 

Your brain shrinks by 1/3rd at night as it purges out the toxins.  If you cannot sleep properly and this does not occur, then you will experience brain fog the next day as your head is still thick with yesterday’s debris that was unable to clear.  Plus, your brain had no chance to restore as your sleep was not restorative.


We live in a world where we are surrounded by electro magnetic frequencies 24/7. This traumatizes our natural rhythms, our tissues, our innate immune system and our own natural body clocks and frequencies. It encourages the pathogens to multiply exponentially as they either love the emf’s and wish to procreate or hate them and wish to multiply for survival neither of these scenarios are good. Hence the calmness we feel when we walk barefoot on the grass to ground or just spend time in nature away from the electromagnetic smog. Some people’s illnesses have dramatically changed for the better when they remove themselves from the EMF’s


For me the last reason is the biggest reason and the least talked about.  Your mitochondria are the powerhouses in your cells.  They create the power for all the processes to happen in your body.  Without sufficient power in the body, certain aspects of the body break down.  Your mitochondria are at their optimum when you are around 16 years of age.  According to research you officially start to age at 26, which is when the mitochondria starts to decrease in the body.  Hence a forty something person does not have the same youthful bloom of a teenager.

Mitochondria are very sensitive and can be easily damaged by stress (physical or emotional), toxicity, lack of nourishment, radiation especially from flying over the poles.    So here is a conundrum.  In the west when we experience a problem in our body for example a liver issue, endocrine or digestion problem we immediately go and support that specific area.  Which is all well and good and will help the area for a period of time, but have you actually addressed the root cause – no.  The biggest reason why most areas in the body break down is a lack of mitochondria in the body, most likely damaged by any of the triggers discussed above.  This is also the reason why people do not get better or respond to certain treatments or supplements.  They do not have enough power in their mitochondria to action the demands placed upon it by the body.

Mitochondrial therapy is for anyone who feels very tired, who has not been able to regain their health for a long period of time.  For those people, who experience Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and ME.  For those who always seem to be coming down with “something” or feel permanently stressed.   For those with more serious conditions who are struggling to find the way forward.

So the next time you feel tired, under the weather or have an area calling out for support.  Go deeper, support the mitochondria so it has the ability to support all aspects of the body so you can enjoy the energy, and regeneration your body was designed to give you, and in turn have the quality of life your body is fully capable of giving you.

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