What’s it going to take to make a difference in 2022?

What’s it going to take to make a difference in 2022?

In an uncertain world it is hard to know which direction to turn in.  2020 and 2021 were not exactly great, but we simply can’t go on with the ‘what ifs’.  So, best foot forward let’s take back the control and start directing life the way you want it and not be at the mercy of everything around you.

Tip 1 - Declutter the mind

What happened yesterday, last week or several years ago is over; past.  You can’t change it, so there is absolutely no stress-free reason to dwell on it. Thoughts of how you could have handled a situation, how it may have been different, blame and hurt, do not support your psyche or wellbeing.  

What may happen tomorrow, next week or next year is impossible to say and causes huge anxiety, fear and distress for some people who put their minds on it - which is also counter-productive.  

Which leaves us with the here, and right now.  Remaining in the present is one of the most important, and powerful tools you can have.  You are now living in the moment.  Right this very second you are safe, supported and in control.  When you label situations, you have thoughts and emotions to go with them.  Depending on the emotional label given, it can be very destructive or hugely positive.   The only business you have is with yourself.  It is the only thing you can control.  Stay out of other people’s business, keep your counsel, and stay centred.  People do and say, stupid things, sometimes deliberately, sometimes without thought.  How you respond to it is your business and how they deal with it is theirs.  There is so much that can be gained for your mental wellbeing, by not participating in other people’s drama. 

Living in the moment can be exciting and fun, you experience a lot less stress, you appreciate so much more, you generally become a lot more confident, and this positively impacts your mind and your body and enables you spiritually to access to so much more in life.

Tip 2 - Detox your body

When you spring clean the house or have a good clear out of your cupboards, you feel a sense of achievement, order is restored, there is space for new things, new ideas.  Your body is no different.  You are taking on toxins every day, we all want to live a little, and can’t always eat right.  There is the odd take-away, bar of chocolate, carbonated drink.  The cakes, the pastries, the processed foods, crisps… and the list goes on and on.  So, over time the bioaccumulation of these things starts to really mount up.  Those are things you HAVE control over, but, then there are the pesticides, heavy metals, environmental toxins, plastics, chemicals, all of which we take in without realising on a day to day basis.

Then there are the body’s own waste materials.  You should be like a baby, food comes in, waste then gets eliminated three times a day.  Most folks don’t do this, as a result over the years you also have a bioaccumulation of waste matter being retained.  So now you cannot absorb your nutrients in the same way, your skin then starts to lack lustre, you feel sluggish and you have lost your get up and go and joy.  Now is the time to address these things.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, so let’s get started and have you feeling rejuvenated and squeaky clean on the inside and fabulous on the outside.

Tip 3 - Take back your power

Over time we can really judge ourselves, talk ourselves out of things we really want to achieve and do. Much of this can be due to lack of an encouraging peer group, lack of self-belief.  Not having like-minded individuals to share and talk with.  Plus, the concern that if you do go for it, you may fail or worse still, not fit in with other people’s expectations.

The above is a pretty sad story, and I see it time and time again – SO let’s change the narrative.

When you go on a long car journey at night, you can only see where the headlights are taking you.  You achieve every aspect of this journey as you are being shown the way little by little in the dark.  When you start something new, it is one day at a time.  As human beings we are the most incredible organisms and our ability to learn new things and achieve greatness is immense.  It just takes two little things called belief and vision.  If you decide to do something, and here is the key, you DECIDE, then your body and mind has a focus and will follow because you have given it an instruction and because YOU made a decision.  You research it, you make more decisions, you take further action and so it grows a life of its own.  Then the universe will say “your wish is my command” and will align to your decision and start creating opportunities that support you.  How many times has it been said you were in the right place at the right time? 

This is now your time.  Let’s get creative, find that dream, be the person in the future you have created so often in your mind.  What decision can you make today, to make that future a reality?

Tip 4 - Be your best self

When I was a little girl my mother would say to me, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it.  A mantra I have tried to live by.  In the last two years we have been shut away, isolated, we have been forced to communicate over social media and there has been a distinct lack of social connection.  There are so many ways we can reach people and promote happiness and kindness for others and ourselves.  It costs nothing to say a kind word or comment and it can create the butterfly affect, as more people realise the power of this.  Start a ground swell of positive emotion.  Try for a month, to do a random act of kindness every day.  Help someone cross the road.  Compliment a person on what they are wearing or give credit for what someone is doing.   Smile generously at everyone, it can have a huge effect.    Having been isolated, we have stopped, hugging, kissing, touching, all of these actions promote something called oxytocin, which is a hormone.  When you are deficient in this, these are the symptoms:

  • Poor communication
  • An element of irritability and inability to feel affectionate
  • More anxieties and fears than normal
  • Sexual interactions are more mechanical and fulfil a basic need.

It is precisely the normal day to day familial touching, hugging, kissing, that promotes this hormone.  As you have less of this hormone people lack empathy, compassion, kindness, so let’s make a concerted effort to gain it back and spread a little happiness and joy in the world.

Tip 5 - Realise your potential

We don’t know what 2022 will bring, but what we focus on is what we have the potential to manifest.  So, let’s not have another year of allowing people to dictate our lives.  Let’s start this year, with a clear mind, and take back our enthusiasm for life.  Have some very clear goals of what you can achieve and where you want to be.  Get your body in shape so you have confidence and feel good about yourself.  Rome was not built in a day so be kind and gentle with yourself too and show compassion to those around you.  One random act of kindness can be life changing for some people.  So, whose life will you change today - if not your own?

My door is always open if you need any assistance with any of the above online or in person.

Let’s make 2022 a year to remember positively, the year you made the changes to make it all happen.