Let’s Make C0V1D A Positive Opportunity For Taking Back Our Health

Let’s Make C0V1D A Positive Opportunity For Taking Back Our Health

I woke up this morning inspired by what I believe is a huge opportunity - that each and every one of us has been presented with and it’s exciting!

The world as we know it has gone upside down at present, and it feels like we are playing a part in a movie that we would watch on the TV.  We can’t get away from the fact that C0V1D has changed many lives forever, AND sadly taken many dear lives, BUT… WHAT WILL ITS LEGACY BE?

Our experience of the government is that there will be a second wave, a third wave, a new variant, it’s like they are planning it.  We know from our experience that those people who have not taken care of themselves, who have spent a life - eating the wrong foods, perhaps drinking too much, not exercising are the people who have suffered the most from C0V1D.

Here I believe, we have an opportunity.  We have August, September October and November before proper flu season is upon us again.  So right now, let’s make the decision, and take this time, to ensure we are in the best physical, and mental health before flu season strikes again.

You all have mobile phones with health trackers on.  You can monitor your food intake, your steps, you can make the decision that each day you will go for a walk, or get on a bike, do some press-ups or participate in an exercise class.  Take a good look at the food you eat regularly.  It should be simple, good and wholesome, not full of flour, sugar, processed and in a packet or a take away dish.  The supermarket shelves are filled with what I would call food entertainment – most of it is not real.

Your food should be simple, unadulterated and not messed with such as meat or fish or your preferred protein if you are veggie, good fresh eggs preferably organic and free range, your diet should include good fats such as coconut fat or ghee to cook with, or olive oil and seed oils on your salads, I prefer Balance Oil, but you need to contact me about that one – it’s incredible. ALSO, lots of vegetables. If it is grown ABOVE GROUND it has a low glycaemic index - and that is what I advise most people to concentrate on.  If you eat veggies grown BELOW GROUND they have a lot more complex sugars in them and not entirely helpful for the old waistline.

So, as I said, we have an opportunity here, SO - if you are ready to take back your health, to stand in your power and be the very best version of YOU, I will do everything I can to support you.  We have probably got, just shy of 4 months to do it, before the madness starts again - so we need to get started now.

I will be putting out regular content to support everyone, but if you need that extra help, if you feel lost, and don’t know where to start, or simply don’t have the will power, then WORK WITH ME , on-line, ONE TO ONE and let’s see how YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE, that you wish to see. I am here and ready to work with you.