How To Grow Old Disgracefully By Harnessing Your Mitochondria

How To Grow Old Disgracefully By Harnessing Your Mitochondria

November 29th 2021 18:00


Hosted by Mind Body Spirit

This talk is given by Lilias Ahmeira, a holistic practitioner of 25 years, and international speaker. Her passion is for everyone to take back their feelings of vigour, youth and be the person you want to be and not feel tired and lacking in lustre. Buckle up for Lilias she is fun, witty, irreverent and has tons to share.

Lilias Ahmeira

Lilias Ahmeira

In this talk you will learn:

• What are mitochondria?

• What do they do?

• Where to find the majority of them?

• What can go wrong – why we get ill?

• Why you can party, party, at 16, and progressively feel more and more tired in your 40’s +?

• Why pretty much everything comes back to mitochondria?

You will come away with:

A paradigm shift in understanding how these amazing little bundles of energy are responsible for running all your resources and how they impact your life in so many ways.

Life style changes to enhance your mitochondria

Ways to supplement the mitochondria so you can take your mojo back and feel great when you wake up morning, and have the energy for a soiree and some fun in the evening.

At the end of the talk Lilias will be giving away a free one hour consultation to one lucky attendee and there will also be an opportunity for people to participate in a further very special offer for attendees.

Lilias looks forward to welcoming you to her webinar so you can discover how to take back your power and nourish your mitochondria. Thus enabling the potential for feeling less stressed, having more joy and an abundance of wellbeing.

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