Health Perception Vs Reality

Health Perception Vs Reality

It never ceases to amaze me, when the patient I see sitting in front of me looks a picture of health and yet the reality could not be further from the truth.

For example, take a triathlete, in his 30’s who appears to be in the best physical health.  Incredibly fit, hugely mindful of what he eats and his nutrition and appearing to be in his prime.  However, the reality is he ended up in intensive care with COV1D 19 fighting for his life.

A barrister recently asked to be tested out of curiosity.  In his early 50’s exercised regularly, had recently passed a BUPA medical with flying colours.  Upon testing him through heart rate variability he showed he was at risk of an imminent cardiac event.

The last example, one of the contributors of this site.  Hugely fit, knowledgeable, and very mindful of their diet and lifestyle choices.  However once again the testing showed the reality was very different.

On closer examination our triathlete had been over training for a very long time.  His body simply had not had the opportunity to recover properly, thus making his health very vulnerable.

Our barrister was going through a massive divorce and his emotions were putting him at risk of a heart attack and he had absolutely no idea.  And lastly the major contributor of this site, was so committed to the service he was providing he took his eye off the work play ratios and the stresses on his body were very real.

C0V1D 19 has struck down people that appear on the outside to be in peak physical health.  However, if we look behind the curtain and test with Heart Rate Variability it paints a very different picture and exposes the stresses and strains on the organism.

It is very interesting that the medicine of today has become fighting off death and being reactive.  What should come out of this current situation is the medicine of tomorrow.

For the medicine of the future, we have to be far more focussed on how we personally take responsibility for our health.  Ensuring we are in the best physical and emotionally robust position possible, to ride out any health challenges with ease and minimal expense.   Making the perception of our health the reality we want it to be.